For your guest’s peace-of-mind, … Rockwood’s now offer our Clean-Car-Care™ and Clean-Car-Care Plus™ Tour & Transfer Service.


In response to COVID-19, Rockwood Adventures announces the launch of our new Clean-Ca-Care™ and Clean-Car-Care Plus ™ Tour & Transfer Services, an enhanced service for private tours and transfers in BC.  Rockwood has designed the service to exceed the needs and wants of our discerning clients & our mutual guests, and we are ready to service your guests as travel begins again in the post-pandemic period.  This enhanced service, exclusive to Rockwood Adventures, includes:




COVID-19 Safety Plan: Rockwood Adventures. Updated: July 26, 2020

Control Measure Protocols in our workplace:

A. Working offsite and remotely


1. All full-time employees work out of home offices on an ongoing basis.

2. Guides are all casual part-time or independent contractors and work out of their own homes and also in our vehicles when serving guests guiding and on transfers. Within the vehicles, vinyl partitions exist between drivers/guides and guests, and 2 metre Social Distancing Guidelines (SDG) are practiced for all guest interactions including entry and exit to vehicles, and during all excursions and transfers.

3. All Servers practice SDG as much as possible in our outdoor picnic areas and all tables will enable SDG from other guests and the public.

B. Changes to work schedules


1. No changes required.


C. Changes to how tasks are done:

1. Minimization of guest & guide exposure

a. The same dedicated driver/guide, for duration of a guest visit, including transfers and tours

b. Vehicle driver guide/guest vinyl partitions, and commitment of 2-meter Social Distancing at all times

c. Guide PPE- wear masks at all times, personal hand sanitizer.

d. Guest PPE – optional masks, hand sanitizer provided.

e. Guest are required to sign a waiver that they have and will comply with all COVID requirements on out tours as outlined here.

2. Cleaning Protocols

a. Thorough pre-tour/transfer vehicle cleaning process prior to each tour and completed by the full-time staff who have been trained in the details of sterile cleaning.

b. Prior to each tour Steam cleaning of all interior surfaces (Clean-Car-Care Plus™ service only)

c. Prior to each tour, all vehicles will have a sterile wipe down, using 70% alcohol based cleaner, of all vehicle’s partitions, doors, door handles and other touch points


D. Occupancy limits for workers & guests


1. One guide/one driver maximum per vehicle. Guide with driver sit in front passenger and remain masked.

2. For Private Leisure groups, guest will already be in a “private group bubbles” as all tours are private, so occupancy maximums in vehicles will be defined by seating in the vehicle up to 24 guests.

3. For corporate groups and cruise ship guests we will limit seating to every second row and masks will be required to be worn at all times in the vehicle.

4. Guest will not sit in the front passenger seat without a face mask or appropriate covering.


E. Rules and Guidelines:


All guides and other employees are required to follow the following protocols to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission of COVID-19. All guides and employees will:

1. Ensure our guests have an incredible, unique, authentic Beautiful British Columbia experience with remarkable stories, photos and memories to share and reminisce about with friends and family.

2. Be trained and provided with a copy of this COVID-19 Safety Plan.

3. Complete a signed Guide COVID 19- Declaration of Compliance to protect themselves and our guests on health issues related to COVID-19 including actions to prevent the virus transmission, identify symptoms, and how to effectively prevent vehicle contamination.

4. Complete a Guide Declaration of Compliance, every 14 days, stating that no international travel nor symptoms of COVID-19 for last 14 days.

5. At all times, wear approved masks and, as well maintaining a 2 metre (6 ft.) Social Distancing Guideline (SDG) with guests at all times, while doing so in as fun and relaxing manner possible.

6. Be required to report to Rockwood any symptoms or concerns related to COVID-19, immediately upon noticed occurrence.