Rainforest Bathing Wellness & Salmon Adventure (3-4 Hrs)

Not your standard “Forest Bathing”. A rejuvenating, customized version of Shinrin Yoku where you’ll learn how to enjoy & benefit from “Forest Bathing”. Your personal Eco-Guide, trained in Forest Bathing, will provide interpretive commentary and coaching on walking tours and scenic drives through the mountainous ‘North Shore’ rainforest including Lighthouse Park & Capilano River Canyon Salmon Adventure with optional picnic.


Invite some friends and family for a private introduction to the world-renowned wellness program known as Shinrin Yoku, translated as “Forest Bathing”. Developed in 1982 as part of the Japanese National Health Program to reduce stress and boost disease immunity, it is now a practice that has flourished globally.  We offer a very enjoyable abbreviated version where you’ll learn how to enjoy Forest Bathing on your own. Escorted by your guide, you’ll explore uncut virgin Rainforest where you’ll hear how 1000-year-old giant cedars and Douglas Firs communicate and collaborate to survive, an incredible opportunity to discover one of the world’s most primitive ecosystems and learn how all of its inhabitants contribute to its delicate balance. As you listen to waves crashing against granite cliffs and the ocean breeze whistling through the boughs above, you will learn about the art and science of Forest Bathing and how you can apply this simple practice to improve your mental and physical wellness. Marvel at the incredible vistas of the Burrard Inlet, Bowen Island and the downtown cityscape and experience Lighthouse Park, a National Historic Site with one of Canada’s most picturesque lighthouses. Then, after a 25-minute drive, your guide will escort you up the amazing Capilano River Canyon, walking among the giant Cedars and towering Douglas Firs, reaching as high as 85 meters (270’).  From here, you will take a 15-minute walk to experience the awesomeness of the Cleveland Dam, supplying 1/3 of Vancouver’s water and some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. Then enjoy an Al Fresco culinary experience like never before along the Capilano River Canyon as you learn about the pacific salmon story. You’ll then return back from a rejuvenating outing, full of memories, stories and photos.


Backgrounder: “Forest Bathing” has been described as different things:  a wellness/fitness trend, a mindfulness practice, or simply, relaxing fun and common sense. One thing is for certain and that is “Forest-Bathing” is an incredible experience that has had a significant and positive impact on many people’s lives. The term and concept emerged in Japan in the early 1980’s as a physiological and psychological exercise called Shinrin-yoku (“forest-bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”). https://time.com/5259602/japanese-forest-bathing/ In fact, Japan established a national health program for “Forest Bathing” in 1982. The purpose was twofold: first, to offer an eco-antidote to corporate burnout and second, to inspire the public to reconnect with and protect the country’s forests. The Japanese quickly embraced this form of eco-therapy. In the 1990s, researchers began studying the physiological benefits of forest bathing, providing the science to support what we innately know; as national geographic reported, time spent immersed in nature is good for us. Evidence-based research is demonstrating that walking through a forest has real, quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical including:

  • enhancing our immune systems Natural Killer cells by up to 40%, NK cells are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell) and a key component of our immune system. NK cells play a major role in the host-rejection of both tumours and virally infected cells.
  • lower blood pressure & reduce stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol by up to 15%
  • increases ability to focus
  • accelerates recovery from surgery or illness
  • increases energy levels, and improves sleep patterns

Think of it as a fun, engaging prescription with no negative side effects!


Participation Requirements:

  • Class: Easy
  • Participants must be capable of walking on gravel as well as uneven dirt trails for up to 15-30 minutes at a time.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are required, it is recommended that rain gear is brought in the event of inclement weather.
  • This tour is not wheelchair or walker accessible.