Bespoke Adventures (4-12 Hrs)

Bespoke Adventures- Just Ask Us! ™

We can customize whatever your guests want. BBQ Beach party fishing on the  Fraser River, wilderness tent glamping, or a 5-course supercharged Al Fresco dining and wine tasting experience. We can build a program to meet and exceed your guests wants and needs. Just Ask Us™.

Rockwood excels at creating unique custom experiences; typically, whatever your clients and their guests desire, we can arrange. Here’s some top-rated options for you to choose:

  1. BBQ Beach party and Mini-Olympics – experience one of local yet more remote beaches by van, boat or floatplane and enjoy a day of playing beach games and an incredible BBQ of your choice.
  2. Local fishing to rival the world, an incredible experience expert or novice learning to fly-fishing, this tour to the upper Pitt River with your private expert local guide, where trout and salmon run is like no place on earth. Arrive by car/van or floatplane.
  3. Or maybe hike the incredible Coastal Mountains, from the challenges and rewards of the Howe Sound Crest Trail to a more the leisurely Cheakamus Lake Trail.
  4. And to top it all off maybe you like a 5 course- supercharged picnic or catering indoor diner to stunning locations.
  5. Or a once-in-a-lifetime experience of true ultra-comfortable wilderness camping adventure on a remote Island in the local Salish Sea for 2-3 days with an expert guide and host, or un-hosted.
  6. Just Ask Us! ™